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LuxCore Network Render for Mac

Posted: Wed Aug 17, 2022 7:11 pm
by MCurto
Network rendering for Mac wiki page seems a bit outdate, couldn't get it to work following it, ... _Rendering

this did it for me, as for some reason couldn't get Pip installed trought homebrew
might help others or maybe someone could complement the page, ATM running 12.5 and works:

Using Homebrew, needs XCODE Apple Command Line Tools, can get them running:
xcode-select --install


brew install python
curl -o
pip3 install PySide2


Sry, my brew install is old, might need a cleanup, on a new Mac it installed Pip3 as default with Python3, so bassically just needed:

brew install python
pip3 install PySide2

But now struggling to find out how to change output file format for anything other than PNG.