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Re: Luxcore To Aces Study

Posted: Wed Apr 20, 2022 10:33 am
by Sharlybg
Super Luximage that is awesome Tips.
Ok I have a gift for you Just choose one package here with your mail address by mp and it is yours ;) :

Re: Luxcore To Aces Study

Posted: Wed Apr 20, 2022 11:49 am
by Sharlybg
For some reason Luxcore Look a bit redish (floor texure) after I processe texture in krita :
I turned the diffuse texture gamma to 1 (exr).

Luxcore Aces
Cycles Aces

Re: Luxcore To Aces Study

Posted: Wed Apr 20, 2022 3:32 pm
by kintuX
@ Sharlybg

Care to share this test scene (as is) so I take it for a spin with my settings & Corona's newly implemented ACES OT?

@ Luximage

Only diferrence is 1px offset // old bug, iirc :?
SPN aces cyclesVSluxcore_1pixOFF.jpg

Re: Luxcore To Aces Study

Posted: Fri Apr 22, 2022 1:35 am
by Luximage
Sharlybg thank you for the gift, very nice gesture of you.
The reason for the reddish image is probably because you have enabled the gi cache, even in filmic as you can see in the following example it produces a more color bleeding image.
room filmic cycles filter glossy.jpg
room filmic luxcore 2.61 cache.jpg

But to be sure you need to check first of all if the textures were converted properly(16bit diffuse map and the 32bit hdr map probably used for lighting), to do that you can open in blender's rendering tab a split view like this one:
checker space.jpg

Also you need to check if the settings both in cycles and luxcore are the same, materials , bounces, lighting, clamping, caustics.
Some questions for you, did you use luxcore 2.61, you used the disney material or the glossy, you used only a hdr for the lighting?
There are differences in how the disney shader behaves compared to cycles principledshader especially since luxcore version 2.6, so the results may not be exactly similar.
Test examples:
room aces cycles filter glossy.jpg
room aces luxcore 2.61 cache.jpg
room aces luxcore 2.5cache.jpg
room aces cycles.jpg
room aces luxcore 2.5.jpg
room aces luxcore 2.61.jpg

Re: Luxcore To Aces Study

Posted: Fri Apr 22, 2022 10:04 am
by Sharlybg
Hi Luximage you are right The reddish color was due
to the HDRi temperature color default 6500k.
With a simple white color multiplier everything is

Re: Luxcore To Aces Study

Posted: Sun May 01, 2022 4:53 pm
by Martini
Hi @Sharlybg,

Can I ask exactly how you have setup your environment to use ACES in LuxCore? I am unable to get it working outside of Blender. Some actual examples rather than hypotheticals would be helpful.

Right now, BlendLuxCore has no colourspaces support, so am I right to assume you are using the File Saver, and then by hand editing the render.cfg and scene.scn? If so, could you please provide an example?

I am using the light ACES 1.2 pack you posted in your first post (but I also tried the full one with the same result). I have extracted it to a directory and set my OCIO environment variable to point there. Everything looks fine in Blender, and I can also render in BlendLuxCore, but obviously the image texture colourspaces are wrong when I use an ACES EXR or material with ACES colour values.

When I try running my exported scene with luxcoreui.exe (latest daily) the window opens, and just before it starts rendering the first pixel, I get this error and then it closes immediately:

Code: Select all

[LuxCore][3.703] [MergeSampleBuffersOCL] Compiling Film_MergeBufferInitialize Kernel
[LuxCore][3.703] [MergeSampleBuffersOCL] Compiling Film_MergeRADIANCE_PER_PIXEL_NORMALIZED Kernel
[LuxCore][3.703] [MergeSampleBuffersOCL] Compiling Film_MergeRADIANCE_PER_SCREEN_NORMALIZED Kernel
[LuxCore][3.703] [MergeSampleBuffersOCL] Compiling Film_MergeBufferFinalize Kernel
[LuxCore][3.703] [MergeSampleBuffersOCL] Kernels compilation time: 15ms
[LuxCore][3.828] [NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti CUDAIntersect] Memory used for hardware image pipeline: 31893Kbytes
RUNTIME ERROR: OpenColorIO Error in OpenColorIOToneMap::Apply(): Color space 'cie_xyz_d65_interchange' could not be found.
I couldn't find any reference to cie_xyz_d65_interchange in the ACES config.ocio file :(

I'd rather just copy what you have that's already working, but if it helps I'll also try to show what I am using.

Currently I am using some values that I hacked together from digging through Dade's and your various posts, and trying to reconcile those with the equivalent tokens I found in the very large ACES 1.2 config file. However I didn't find a current full example that I can follow.

In the render config: Ideally this would map LuxCore's internal linear FP32 representation to the Rec.709 Display transform to match what I see in Blender. Does that sound right?

Code: Select all

film.imagepipelines.000.0.type = "TONEMAP_OPENCOLORIO"
film.imagepipelines.000.0.mode = "COLORSPACE_CONVERSION"
film.imagepipelines.000.0.config = ""
film.imagepipelines.000.0.src = lin_srgb
film.imagepipelines.000.0.display = rec709_display
film.imagepipelines.000.0.view = sRGB
In the scene: One of the textures is ACES sRGB EXR (it's just mapped on a plane, not as an HDRI environment):

Code: Select all

scene.textures.1828644407304Color.type = "imagemap"
scene.textures.1828644407304Color.file = "imagemap-00001.exr"
scene.textures.1828644407304Color.gain = 1
scene.textures.1828644407304Color.colorspace = "opencolorio"
scene.textures.1828644407304Color.config = "" = "srgb_texture" = "half"
One of the materials is a Glossy node with ACES sRGB colour:

Code: Select all

scene.materials.Material__g1829123584264.type = "glossy2"
scene.materials.Material__g1829123584264.kd = opencolorio "" srgb_texture 0.025715 0.063317 0.012282
It also doesn't make any difference whether I leave the configs empty ("") or specify the full path to the config.ocio file, I still get the same error.

Re: Luxcore To Aces Study

Posted: Sun May 01, 2022 10:14 pm
by Sharlybg
You can follow explanation from luximage with krita for texture convertion n page one.
And make sure the hdri color multiplier is full white.

Re: Luxcore To Aces Study

Posted: Mon May 02, 2022 11:37 am
by Luximage
Some tips:
I never use sRGB in the view transform instead i usually use Rec.709(Rec.709 D60 is the same but with a warmer tint), also interesting are P3D65,
P3D65 Rec.709 limited, Rec.2020 and Rec.2020 HLG 1000 nits(increase the exposure in this one).
To make your image textures smaller after the krita conversion you can toss them in blender's image editor, save the simple textures used for objects texturing as exr float half with dwab codec and the environment textures used for lighting as hdr.
Remember greyscale textures and normal maps don't need conversion in krita, just use gamma 1 for the greyscale ones in image node editor(sometimes even leaving them to gamma 2.2 produces more pleasing results to the eye).

RenderMan Utility Manager / Re: Luxcore To Aces Study

Posted: Mon May 02, 2022 7:08 pm
by kintuX
RenderMan Utility Manager by @Amir

A utility that can speeds up pre-converting tex files, ACEScg colorspace conversion, building RenderManAsset out of PBR Metallic/Roughness texture sets, denoising rendered images via Hyperion Denoise Filtering or Intel Open Image Denoise.

• Pre converting tex files, along with ACEScg colorspace conversion and substance map to renderman material.

• It should be easy to work with but later I will make a short tutorial for how to use it. If you are using linux mint the debian-18.04 is the one you should download. Its been tested on CentOS7.6 and 8, Ubuntu, Pop!_OS, Mint.

Tex: Building RenderManAsset out of PBR Metallic/Roughness texture sets
It will use the incoming texture files to create the PxrSurface-based material. It supports Albedo/BaseColor, Roughness, Metallic, Emissive, Displacement/Height. It will lookup for these keywords in the texture filename to construct the asset.
UDIM supported.

Tex: ACEScg colorspace conversion
It will use ocioconvert utility for converting incoming texture files to ACEScg colorspace.

It uses Hyperion Denoise Filtering (RenderMan denoise tool) to filter incoming rendered images.

It uses Intel Open Image Denoise example to filter incoming rendered images.

This utility require the following softwares to operate:

- RenderMan Pro Server 21.0+
- OpenColorIO-tools
- Intel Open Image Denoise example
- ImageMagick

• Video tutorial:
Image ... ty-Manager

Hopefully you find it useful. ;)

Re: Luxcore To Aces Study

Posted: Mon May 02, 2022 11:42 pm
by Luximage
Nice finding kintuX :!: , interesting info.