LuxCoreRender v2.5

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LuxCoreRender v2.5

Post by Dade » Sat Apr 10, 2021 2:12 pm


Standalone: ... ender_v2.5
Blender Addon: ... xcore_v2.5

Note for Windows users: you have to install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017 and Intel C++ redistributable.

Changelog: ... Notes_v2.5

A user-friendly version of this changelog is available at


New Features since v2.5
  • Added the support for Optix/RTX acceleration
  • Added the support for Optix denoiser imagepipeline plugin
  • GPU imagepipeline now allocated buffers for only the used AOVs by each plugin
  • batch.haltspp now supports 2 parameters too in order to have separate halt conditions for eye and light tracing
  • Added the support for camera not uniform and anamorphic bokeh (issue #409)
  • Added the support for camera bokeh with custom distribution
  • Variance clamping is now applied separately to each radiance group (issue #414)
  • Added the support for lateral and longitudinal chromatic aberration (issue #409)
  • Added the support for SINC pixel filter (issue #415)
  • Added the support for CATMULLROM pixel filter (issue #415)
  • It is now possible to disable Optix (with property context.cuda.optix.enable) even if it is detected and available
  • Any mesh UV map can now be used for displacement (issue #416)
  • Subdiv shape now supports multiple vertex UVs, colors, alphas and AOVs (issue #416)
  • Added the support for holdout (issue #423)
  • Added the support for wireframe texture
  • GetPlatformDesc() now returns compile.LUXRAYS_ENABLE_OPTIX property to check if Optix is available
  • Removed the limit of max. 32 AOV types
  • Added a fast evaluation path in GPU code for constant and image map textures
  • Added the support for Distort texture
  • Now individual bricks, in brick texture, have a pseudo-random mix between two colors by default
  • Added the support for Randomized Texture Tiling (#228)
  • Added the support for UVRandomMapping2D
  • Added the support for LocalRandomMapping3D
  • Added the support for Caustic AOV when using hybrid rendering
  • Added the support for TwoSided material
  • Reworked WhiteBalance plugin and light groups white balance support to be coherent with usual photographic white balance process (note: this change breaks the compatibility with past scene settings)
  • Added a cap (25% and 75%) to Glass transmission/reflection sampling to not under sample some case
  • Added the support to all light sources of ".temperature" and ".temperature.normalize" properties to set light temperature
  • Added the support for texture bombing
  • Added the support for Caustic AOV to OutputSwitcherPlugin
  • LuxCore API has new log system
  • Added the support for 180 (or any other amount of degrees) view to Environment camera
  • Added the support for 180 (horizontal stacked) and 360 degree (vertical stacked) stereo camera (issue #451)
  • Removed the cap to opencl.task.count parameter
Fixed Bugs since v2.5
  • Added the support for pixel filtering to light tracing (issue #413)
  • Now LuxCore works even if OpenCL is available but not a valid OpenCL ICD platform has been found (issue #422)
  • Fixed a problem with cloth material when using CUDA and Windows (issue #417)
  • Fixed a problem in glossy coating albedo evaluation on GPUs
  • Fixed a difference between CPU and GPU rendering when using a roughglass with a shadow transparency color
  • Fixed the support in .ply files for triangle AOVs
  • Fixed a memory leak when rendering with OpenCL (noticeable when rendering animations)
  • Fixed text export of brick texture HERRINGBONE and BASKET
  • Fixed scale problem in GPU code for brick texture HERRINGBONE and BASKET (issue #438)
  • Fixed a possible crash when using trilinear texture with GPUs
  • Reworked some condition in hybrid rendering light tracing to solve the problem of flashing caustics (issue #441)
  • Fixed a problem with Blender Translation language preference option and scene export on file
  • Fixed a self-shadow problem in BIRCPU render engine
  • Fixed a Mix material problem when using solid and transparent materials (issue #461)
  • Fixed a crash when using Subdivision shape with vertex colors (issue #469)
  • Fixed a possible crash when using multiple GPUs with PhotonGI
  • Fixed a deadlock when using multiple renders at the same time in Blender (issue #575)
  • Fixed a bug in the support for material .bumpsamplingdistance property
  • Fixed a discrepancy in reflected area lights on glossy surfaces between CPU and GPU rendering when light tracing is enabled (issue #470)
  • Avoid to return CUDA_ERROR_NO_DEVICE error if CUDA is installed but there are no NVIDIA GPUs installed
  • Fixed compilation when CUDA is disabled but OpenCL is still enabled
  • Now disabling CUDA for any error during the cuInit() like when an external GPU is unplugged (issue #493)
  • Compiling the code with LUXCORE_DISABLE_OIDN defined will disable Intel OIDN (for platforms where it is not available like Apple M1)
  • Fixed halt condition rendering stop code when using both eye and light tracing parameters (issue #497)
  • Change sphere light implementation to provide an alternative to the point light fallback (issue #443)
  • Fixed a compiler error when running with CUDA on Ampere GPUs (issue BlendLuxCore#626)
  • Fixed a crash when using an image pipeline with only NOP plugin
  • CPU code now rejects NaN/Inf sample values for AOVs like GPU code
  • Avoid to generate NaN volume transmittance if the segment is infinite
  • Fixed a problem when using the DIRECT_DIFFUSE_REFLECT AOV (issue #517)
  • Fixed a crash when using CPU-only image pipeline plugins but image pipeline GPU support is still enabled
  • Fixed a problem with BIDIRCPU and RADIANCE_GROUP AOV
  • Fixed a problem when using chain of shapes with mesh vertex/triangle AOVs (issue #659)
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Re: LuxCoreRender v2.5

Post by johannes.wilde » Sat Apr 10, 2021 4:18 pm

What a major release!
Thank you!

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Re: LuxCoreRender v2.5

Post by Harvester » Mon Apr 12, 2021 8:43 am

Thank you Dade!

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Re: LuxCoreRender v2.5

Post by PetrT » Mon Apr 12, 2021 11:46 am


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Re: LuxCoreRender v2.5

Post by TAO » Mon Apr 12, 2021 1:46 pm

Well done. Amazing job as always.
Omid Ghotbi (TAO)
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Re: LuxCoreRender v2.5

Post by zuljin3d » Mon Apr 12, 2021 5:50 pm

Great news, thank you
Actualy sorry for my google translate english :)

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Re: LuxCoreRender v2.5

Post by erfizt » Mon Apr 12, 2021 10:52 pm

Wow, just amazing, can't wait to download it

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Re: LuxCoreRender v2.5

Post by xxtioo » Wed Apr 14, 2021 10:49 pm

Very nice. Thank you!

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Re: LuxCoreRender v2.5

Post by lacilaci » Fri Apr 16, 2021 4:17 am

it's on the evermotion frontpage again :)
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