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LuxCore static on macOS .. finally

Posted: Tue Sep 14, 2021 4:44 pm
by u3dreal
So finally i managed to compile almost static on osx. Everything exept tbb embree and nvida libs is static now.

Tbb is not supposed to be static i read and i get crashes with embree static on my Xenon.
In the Linux release i see that also OIIO is dynamic and i wonder if there is a particular reason for that.?
I get a warning ...

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ld: warning: direct access in function '___cxx_global_var_init.8' from file '../../lib/Release/libslg-core.a(texture.cpp.o)' to global weak symbol 'fmt::v7::detail::basic_data<void>::dragonbox_pow10_significands_128' from file '../../../macos/lib/libOpenImageIO.a(ustring.cpp.o)' means the weak symbol cannot be overridden at runtime. This was likely caused by different translation units being compiled with different visibility settings.
I wonder if this could be a problem in future. @Dade @acasta69
So far all seems to work fine.

I will update the repo and the scripts .. but still would like to stick with 10.13 as build target since if not we would lock out nvidia functionaltity on osx. Also i think at some day it will be dropped. maybe 2.7 :?

Hmm now it should be rather possible to build the SDK for osx .. or should absolutely all libs be static then.

So long