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Rendering with multiple Instances of Blender also rendering multiple at the same time using virtual Desktops

Posted: Fri Jun 26, 2020 6:23 am
by Theo_Gottwald
(Windows only Issue) In the past i had a lot of trouble running multiple instances of Blender, especially when they all had been rendering.
Now i found that when each instance of Blender has its very own "Desktop", the situation is much more stable.
If you want to try it, you can use:
Sysinternals Desktops v2.

Download it, it does not need an installation and it totally free. You get up to 4 desktops.

Must say that I have an own tool that is bundled with the Smart-Package-Robot
which has much more functionality (timed switch, unlimited desktops, close desktops, "Run on desktop" etc.).
See picture below.

However for using Blender the Sysinternals tool is sufficient. Here is a tip for convenience: Put a Blender Icon on your desktop before you switch to the "Private Desktop". Then you can start Blender from that Icon.

Using "private desktops" I can render with 3 versions of Blender at the same time without the stability issues that i had before.

You might say "But there are virtual Desktops in Windows 10 already".
Let me tell you that these are just FAKE-Desktops. Useless FAKE. No process-Isolation.

The difference between these "Win10-Fake Desktops" and real desktops you can read here:
Windows 10 Fake virtual Desktops vs. Sysinternal Desktops v.2

So if you had the same issues like me using multiple versions of Blender at the same time, give it a try.

Generally since I am using "Stardocks Fences" on my desktop, i had multiple issues.
- some old programs do not appear, and
- on refreshes i get all the running minimzed Programs (including blender) threwn on the desktop, had to minimize them again.
Now that i use real desktops for this all, the problem is also solved.
2020-06-26 08_30_57-Desktops-Manager (c) 2016 Theo Gottwald.png