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Next Year 12021, The Era of modern Human Culture

Posted: Sun Oct 18, 2020 6:32 pm
by FarbigeWelt
Sometimes, one has to share an especial finding. :oops:

Please, watch this video clip of extraordinary, exceptional artwork with fantastic illustration based on intelligent, scientific knowledge investigations. :idea: :!:

Please, do not halt watching the short video clip due to overwhelming saturated use of fancy colors and maybe thinking: „Aarrrgghh, that‘s babies’ stuff like ‚The Simpsons‘.“ :evil:
In this case, I’ll beg you pardon. With the seriousness of my 47 years of living experience, I can tell you it‘s definitely not! :twisted:


Instead! Please, listen to the important facts about humans and their in geological meaning very short history on earth, the only planet yet we know worth living on; at least on our current sozio-human-techno-psyco-scientific level of just have lately beginners. :mrgreen: - „Kurzgesagt“

If you similar attracted to this kind of facts-story-telling like me, don‘t be afraid that’s all. It’s not, there is many more of „Kurzgesagt“ out there. :D

Did you notice how lovely detailed all the Munich team’s technical, well abstracted illustrations are?