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UPDATE Classic dispersion Prism LUXCORE 2.6 (now available as free download Test and example scene)

Posted: Tue Feb 06, 2024 11:39 pm
by joyasrohrbach
Update: I have made the .blend file available for download as test and example scene (Luxcore 2.6 Blender 3.6)
Download link:!AikeylQB68nkg9I9prL ... g?e=b9T59m

Viewport screenshot
Hi everyone

Strangely, I had never tried to create the classic dispersion prism in 3D
Given that I am testing scenes, setups and softwares (although on a very wide time frame, I have a lot of other things to do :? )
for caustics, dispersion and spectral rendering, creating the classic dispersion prism was like an obvious obligation before moving forward.
(Luxcore 2.6 Blender 3.6)
So although Luxcore is not totally considered a spectral render engine, it does have nice spectral capacities already. The image is achieved with only one laser light.

The render, is entirely done on CPU (my old soon to be replaced Intel I7-6850K) BiDir Metropolis sampler for this kind of scene it's necessary,
took 2 hours 42 minutes at around 800 samples at 1920x1080
Then noisy and Intel denoised mixed at 75%

It took me a couple of hours to get the numbers right in order to get a nice spectral range. Getting the rays to become visible does requiere a volumetric setup, and the numbers need quite a precise configuration to work.

I am currently working on other setups of this scene, in other artistic directions.