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14th-gen Intel chips could support ray tracing

Posted: Tue Aug 23, 2022 9:36 am
by TAO
Intel Meteor Lake processors, the next-next-generation CPU from Intel due out in 2023, are expected to feature ray tracing support on a tiled-GPU architecture, marking a major step forward for the technology.

Ray tracing is a rendering process that lights up a rendered scene by mimicking the way we actually see light. This sounds almost silly (don't we see all light?), but making an artificial scene look natural requires calculating the intricate physics involved in how light behaves, and this is a genuinely daunting task from a computational perspective.

As it stands, ray tracing technology is currently only viable in gaming PCs with the best graphics cards or the best gaming laptops with discrete GPUs, making it a revolutionary technology that remains locked away in more "elite" applications on high-end hardware. ... the-masses