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Efficient Spectral Rendering on the GPU for Predictive Rendering

Posted: Wed May 18, 2022 12:12 am
by kintuX
Figure M3 Model from Blendswap. Uffizi Environment Map converted with rgb2spec. Thin-film material for the car body. Spectral resolution 10nm.
Current graphic processing units (GPU) in conjunction with specialized APIs
open the possibility of interactive path tracing. Spectral rendering is
necessary for accurate and predictive light transport simulation, especially to
render specific phenomena such as light dispersion. However, it requires
larger assets than traditional RGB rendering pipelines. Thanks to the
increase of available onboard memory on newer graphic cards, it becomes
possible to load larger assets onto the GPU, making spectral rendering
feasible. In this chapter, we describe the strengths of spectral rendering and
present our approach for implementing a spectral path tracer on the GPU. We
also propose solutions to limit the impact on memory when handling finely
sampled spectra or large scenes.

Authors: David Murray, Alban Fichet, Romain Pacanowski

Implementation: Malia Rendering Framework (homepage)