My free Blenderbar-AddOn for anybody who wants it.

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My free Blenderbar-AddOn for anybody who wants it.

Post by Theo_Gottwald » Tue Jul 21, 2020 2:46 pm

This AddOn plus Library is free. I made it for myself when doing Rigid Body stuff.
The Point is that in Blender you never have enough shortcuts for keys.
And then especially for Rigid Body etc you have to go to ... Cache .. Bake usw.
So i packed it on a button which will then type the needed Python commands into the Python Console-Window.
So its some type of Macro-Button Bar. It looks like this.
However each Button is configurable so you can put other commands on it.
AddOn Picture.png
The package contains of 2 Parts:
1. The Library - anyone can use it. "" the video shows how Libraries are registered in Blender.
You can then add your own Subprogrammes there.

2. The "Blenderbar-AddOn". This one only works under windows. So its optional. You can see it on the picture up there.
As it "docs" at the right side of Blender, the AddOn completely version independent.
The library not, i have just updated it so it works until at least 2.90.

The Library is in the Library folder. It contains a lot of Scripting samples how to select objects, move them around etc.
Many of this already in easy to use Python-procedures.

You can download the whole package here for free:

Theo's External AddOn* plus Library

*Note that all Windows-Executables from me are digitaly signed, so check the signature - it must be valid.

You may however need to watch a bit of the video there to see how its used.

To use the AddOn, you should know that it works only under Windows and it needs a Python console in the lower right corner of Blender.
Because it will type Python commands there.

Watch the Buttons:
- "Mul" this will multiply the selected Object in a defined cubic space
- "Rot" this will give all selected objects a unique random rotation within a given Frame number (and within a Speed range)
- "Mov" this will give all selected objects "Move" in random direction (limits)....
- "Siz:" this will give all selected Objects a random size within limits ...
AddOn Picture.png
Best you take a look in the Textfiles - this is where the Python Code for each Button (and the Button-Text) is located.
Note that it calls Subprogramms in "" (Button "Open Library") will open the Library Folder.

For writing Python I can recommend Notepad++

Once you have the console in Blender open, you can start the AddOn, then press "Add Library".
This will register the Library Folder with Blender. The Free Public AddOn can have a total of maximum 20 Buttons which you can also put your own commands on.

If you want test the free AddOn. It is not limited other then it has only maximum 20 Buttons.
Please make sure that the Python console is in the lower right corner like on the picture.
Otherwise the AddOn can not type the commands and will not work.
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