Blender 4 compatibility

Discussion related to the LuxCore functionality, implementations and API.
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Re: Blender 4 compatibility

Post by Sharlybg »

You need blendluxcore for Blender v4
on Blendluxcore it work :
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Post by FarbigeWelt »

Great! Thanks to Sharlybg who shared the information LuxCore runs in Blender 4.0 now I installed BlendLuxCore_v2.8alpha1 on my M1 MacBook Air 16 GB. And YES LuxCoreRender runs in Blender 4.0.2 Intel on my Mac. But not for long. As soon I saved a file with default cube set to material "Glass" and reloaded the scene neither viewport nor final render ran without error messages. I wrote an issue in ... issues/897 but didn't got any feedback since. So I decided to give BlendLuxCore_v2.8alpha1 another try today starting Blender from Terminal to get messages logged, see github.

Comment on github:
Bildschirmfoto 2024-02-05 um 10.51.44.png
After changing "Film Device" in Render:"LuxCoreRender" from GPU to CPU rendering in Viewport runs without errors using "Compute Device" CPU.

After switching from "Compute Device" CPU to GPU BlendLuxCore initiated compiling openCL kernel after starting a final render. Just a few minutes later final render started using GPU.

Changing "Film Device" back to "Apple M1 (OPENCL)" threw again an error message:"OpenCL driver API error ..." switching to CPU started rendering in Viewport immediately.

Code: Select all

[LuxCore][83.301] Film hardware image pipeline
[b][LuxCore][83.305] Film hardware device used: Apple M1 OpenCLIntersect (Type: OPENCL_GPU)[/b]
[LuxCore][83.306]   Device OpenCL version: OpenCL 1.2 
[LuxRays][83.307] [Device Apple M1 OpenCLIntersect] IMAGEPIPELINE buffer size: 57006Kbytes
[LuxRays][83.356] [Device Apple M1 OpenCLIntersect] Merge buffer size: 76008Kbytes
[LuxRays][83.357] [MergeSampleBuffersOCL] Compiler options: -D LUXRAYS_OPENCL_KERNEL -D SLG_OPENCL_KERNEL -D LUXRAYS_OPENCL_DEVICE -D LUXRAYS_OS_APPLE -cl-fast-relaxed-math -cl-mad-enable
[LuxRays][83.357] [MergeSampleBuffersOCL] Compiling kernels 
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Users/michael/Library/Application Support/Blender/4.0/scripts/addons/BlendLuxCore/engine/", line 128, in view_draw
    viewport.view_draw(self, context, depsgraph)
  File "/Users/michael/Library/Application Support/Blender/4.0/scripts/addons/BlendLuxCore/engine/", line 238, in view_draw
    framebuffer.update(engine.session, scene)
  File "/Users/michael/Library/Application Support/Blender/4.0/scripts/addons/BlendLuxCore/draw/", line 199, in update
    luxcore_session.GetFilm().GetOutputFloat(self._output_type, self.buffer)
[b]RuntimeError: OpenCL driver API error (code: -30, file:/Users/runner/work/1/s/src/luxrays/utils/ocl.cpp, line: 371): CL_INVALID_VALUE[/b
After switching from OpenCL to CPU Viewport renders nicely.

New Viewport render:

Code: Select all

[Engine/Viewport] New session
[Exporter] Creating session
Updated node "Glass Material" in tree Material to new version
[SDL][12166.312] Define ImageMap: NamedObject
[SDL][12166.312] Camera type: perspective
[SDL][12166.312] Camera position: Point[7.35889, -6.92579, 4.95831]
[SDL][12166.312] Camera target: Point[6.70733, -6.31162, 4.51304]
[SDL][12166.312] Camera clipping plane disabled
WARNING: No material defined
[SDL][12166.315] Material definition: 140653016094520
[SDL][12166.315] Material definition: __CLAY__
[SDL][12166.316] Scene objects count: 2
[SDL][12166.316] Light definition: 140653599499272
[SDL][12166.316] Light definition: __WORLD_BACKGROUND_LIGHT__
[LuxCore][12166.344] Configuration: 
[LuxCore][12166.344] = 13
[LuxCore][12166.344]   path.pathdepth.diffuse = 9
[LuxCore][12166.344]   path.pathdepth.glossy = 9
[LuxCore][12166.344]   path.pathdepth.specular = 12
[LuxCore][12166.344]   path.hybridbackforward.enable = 0
[LuxCore][12166.344]   path.hybridbackforward.partition = 0.8
[LuxCore][12166.344]   path.hybridbackforward.glossinessthreshold = 0.049
[LuxCore][12166.344]   rtpathcpu.zoomphase.size = 4
[LuxCore][12166.344]   rtpathcpu.zoomphase.weight = 0
[LuxCore][12166.344]   renderengine.type = "RTPATHCPU"
[LuxCore][12166.344]   sampler.type = "RTPATHCPUSAMPLER"
[LuxCore][12166.344]   film.width = 1387
[LuxCore][12166.344]   film.height = 780
[LuxCore][12166.344]   film.filter.type = "NONE"
[LuxCore][12166.344]   film.filter.width = 1.5
[LuxCore][12166.344]   lightstrategy.type = "LOG_POWER"
[LuxCore][12166.344]   scene.epsilon.min = 1e-05
[LuxCore][12166.344]   scene.epsilon.max = 0.1
[LuxCore][12166.344]   path.albedospecular.type = "REFLECT_TRANSMIT"
[LuxCore][12166.344]   path.albedospecular.glossinessthreshold = 0.05
[LuxCore][12166.344]   film.opencl.enable = 0
[LuxCore][12166.344]   path.forceblackbackground.enable = 0
[LuxCore][12166.344]   renderengine.seed = 1
[LuxCore][12166.344]   film.outputs.0.type = "RGB_IMAGEPIPELINE"
[LuxCore][12166.344]   film.outputs.0.index = 0
[LuxCore][12166.344]   film.outputs.0.filename = "RGB_IMAGEPIPELINE_0.png"
[LuxCore][12166.344]   film.imagepipelines.000.0.type = "NOP"
[LuxCore][12166.344]   film.imagepipelines.000.1.type = "TONEMAP_LINEAR"
[LuxCore][12166.345]   film.imagepipelines.000.1.scale = 1
[LuxCore][12166.345]   film.imagepipelines.000.radiancescales.0.enabled = 1
[LuxCore][12166.345]   film.imagepipelines.000.radiancescales.0.globalscale = 1
[LuxCore][12166.345]   film.imagepipelines.000.radiancescales.0.rgbscale = 1 1 1
[LuxCore][12166.345]   batch.haltspp = 0 0
[LuxCore][12166.345]   batch.halttime = 60
[LuxCore][12166.345] File Name Resolver Configuration: 
Export took 0.0 s
[LuxCore][12166.345] Film resolution: 1387x780
[SDL][12166.345] Film output definition: RGB_IMAGEPIPELINE [image.png]
[SDL][12166.345] Image pipeline: film.imagepipelines.000
[SDL][12166.345] Image pipeline step 0: NOP
[SDL][12166.345] Image pipeline step 1: TONEMAP_LINEAR
[SDL][12166.346] Film output definition: RGB_IMAGEPIPELINE [RGB_IMAGEPIPELINE_0.png]
[LuxRays][12166.346] OpenCL support: enabled
[LuxRays][12166.346] OpenCL Platform 0: Apple
[LuxRays][12166.346] CUDA support: enabled
[LuxRays][12166.346] Device 0 name: Native
[LuxRays][12166.346] Device 0 type: NATIVE_THREAD
[LuxRays][12166.346] Device 0 compute units: 1
[LuxRays][12166.346] Device 0 preferred float vector width: 4
[LuxRays][12166.346] Device 0 max allocable memory: 17592186044415MBytes
[LuxRays][12166.346] Device 0 max allocable memory block size: 17592186044415MBytes
[LuxRays][12166.346] Device 0 has out of core memory support: 0
[LuxRays][12166.346] Device 1 name: Apple M1
[LuxRays][12166.346] Device 1 type: OPENCL_CPU
[LuxRays][12166.346] Device 1 compute units: 8
[LuxRays][12166.346] Device 1 preferred float vector width: 4
[LuxRays][12166.346] Device 1 max allocable memory: 16384MBytes
[LuxRays][12166.346] Device 1 max allocable memory block size: 4096MBytes
[LuxRays][12166.347] Device 1 has out of core memory support: 0
[LuxRays][12166.347] Device 2 name: Apple M1
[LuxRays][12166.347] Device 2 type: OPENCL_GPU
[LuxRays][12166.347] Device 2 compute units: 8
[LuxRays][12166.347] Device 2 preferred float vector width: 1
[LuxRays][12166.347] Device 2 max allocable memory: 10922MBytes
[LuxRays][12166.347] Device 2 max allocable memory block size: 2048MBytes
[LuxRays][12166.347] Device 2 has out of core memory support: 0
[LuxRays][12166.347] Creating 8 intersection device(s)
[LuxRays][12166.347] Allocating intersection device 0: Native (Type = NATIVE_THREAD)
[LuxRays][12166.347] Allocating intersection device 1: Native (Type = NATIVE_THREAD)
[LuxRays][12166.347] Allocating intersection device 2: Native (Type = NATIVE_THREAD)
[LuxRays][12166.347] Allocating intersection device 3: Native (Type = NATIVE_THREAD)
[LuxRays][12166.347] Allocating intersection device 4: Native (Type = NATIVE_THREAD)
[LuxRays][12166.347] Allocating intersection device 5: Native (Type = NATIVE_THREAD)
[LuxRays][12166.347] Allocating intersection device 6: Native (Type = NATIVE_THREAD)
[LuxRays][12166.347] Allocating intersection device 7: Native (Type = NATIVE_THREAD)
[LuxCore][12166.347] Configuring 8 CPU render threads
[LuxRays][12166.347] Preprocessing DataSet
[LuxRays][12166.347] Total vertex count: 28
[LuxRays][12166.347] Total triangle count: 14
[LuxRays][12166.347] Preprocessing DataSet done
[LuxRays][12166.347] Adding DataSet accelerator: EMBREE
[LuxRays][12166.347] Total vertex count: 28
[LuxRays][12166.347] Total triangle count: 14
[LuxRays][12166.349] EmbreeAccel build time: 1ms
[Engine/Viewport] Pausing session
Great Work so far. Thank You .. :D
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