NGU House interior

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NGU House interior

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Yet another project completed with lastest Luxcorerender 2.61 .
The aim of this one was see how the easy to work with the engine
In fairly complexe project On a weak computer :
In this case my HP OMen notebook with i5 7300hq and a GTX1050
8GB ram memory.
At the end the project could entirelly fit into the 2GB
(or even less due to the fact that the blender scene was actually displayed by the same GPU)
of the video card. That work thank to the Out of core and image auto scaling of luxcore.
About the interactivity in the viewport it felt just smoth. The point is that my viewport rendered
window is always just big enough to visualise change but also small enough for a smooth experience.

The design phase was quite straightfoward as i didn’t have to model or recreate shaders thanks to the Luxcore integrated Library :

For Final frame rendering I just precompute the caches ( Gi cache / Portal cache ). And I even run 20% caustics tracing on CPU wich help with spot light being casted from a chrome surface.
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Portfolio :
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