Trying to migrate a material from Cycles to Luxcore

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Trying to migrate a material from Cycles to Luxcore

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I'm working together with the creator of a vegetation addon in order to make a version of its addon (currently only for Eevee and Cycles) for Luxcore.
Before decide to use a full Luxcore node-groups, I tried to make this node group work through the checkbox of Luxcore renderer: "use Cycles nodes" and activate it. I found that some inputs/sliders don't work.
Well, studying carefully the nodes group I've found where can be the source of these non-working inputs/sliders.

1st).-First of all: can Luxcore work with its own nodes and be grouped into a group like this one for Cycles?
If so:

2nd).-Where Cycles uses its translucency BSDF node, can Luxcore find problems? Anyway, this belongs to the SSS input, which I guess it equals to the Subsurface Disney's input of Luxcore material nodem isn't it? So in case I should have to re-write the whole nodegroup, I should simply use the Subsurface input of Disney's material or should I use the translucency node of Luxcore?

3nd).-The latest subgroup inside this nodegroup called "Vertex multiplier" uses a Cycles node called "Vertex Color" which I don't know what does it do. I fear that this node is creating issues too as a source of problems. Which is the equivalent for Luxcore? Which is its purpose?

Thanks in advance.
Best regards.
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