Render Comparisons! See how LuxCore did!

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Render Comparisons! See how LuxCore did!

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Hey everyone- I did a comparison video using my new fantasy ring design and compared LuxCore to Cycles, Renderman, Octane and ProRender. Obviously each engine can be tweaked to optimize the render times etc. Please read info in video post for more details.

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Re: Render Comparisons! See how LuxCore did!

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Great job!

If the order requires quality, I switch to Luxcore.
If it's speed/medium quality I switch to Cycles ACES.
If the rendering speed for animation Cycles Standart (oh, not Filmic) + Sheepit
In all other cases I also use Luxcore

And this video confirmed me in the correctness of my actions. I didn't like Octane, I didn't like Renderman, nothing to admire and ProRender.
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