Luxcore vs rest of the world

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Re: Luxcore vs rest of the world

Post by Dez! »

I'll complete the topic with a beautiful work from my friend Mikhail.
The scene setup time is 7 minutes and 19 seconds from opening the file to pressing the render button.
The rendering time is 9 seconds.
Michael's words go something like this:
Yes, the result is not the same as Luxcore. It lacks IES and reflections made by tracing, but it is promised to introduce in Eevee in the near future.
What matters is not the render engine, but knowing how to use it and how to approach the client and the order.
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Re: Luxcore vs rest of the world

Post by kintuX »

But then you revert to dealing with biased, artistic illustrations where even pencil sketch gets job done. :|
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Re: Luxcore vs rest of the world

Post by Sharlybg »

The trends in CGI in recent years in leanning more Towards approximation by opposition to accuracy.
Strong Approximation lead to speed in most cases while the opposite can be true for accuracy.
doubling the accuracy can increase required computation exponentially.
BTW lof of CGI field doesn't require accuracy that much :

__ Cinema & VFX
__ Realtime archviz
__ Game industry

For theses market the faster it is better it can Look. the workflow tend to go through a lot of Iteration and initial design change.
Also The use of trickery in theses field is mandatory as it help to hide the accuracy flaws efficiently. One of the reason why most
CGI movie stage are done in the dark or at fast pace to hide the trick to the viewers. Nowadays Engine such Unreal engine 5 are
putting huge pressure on traditional tools like Vray or Arnold in film & advertising market.
And because theses markets are huge It trick somehow Artists and People mind arround the idea of realism or for HOW FAR We ARE FROM
THAT Goal.

Accuracy Is still valuable and required by some market today :

__ Still or animated Archviz
__ Jewellery & Glassware industry
__ Lighting fixture design industry
__ Scientific simulation

Remenber yourselves How much CGI accuracy has been improved since 10 years ?
Since the production of The Movie the Third and the seventh by Alex Roman how much short of this quality has been done so far ?
Alex Roman __The third & the Seventh__
Wich is close to what realtime do today :

And Look How far even this is from Reality : ... bp~t_11141
Is your Eyes trained enough to see the difference between CGI and most photo on this website ? :roll:

There is an Opportunity to stretch the gap between offline Renderer and Next Gen Realtime engine :
__ Improved Material/Shader model
__ More accurate & robust render Algo

BUT How many artists today are able to see the difference ? People have to be trained back to realism I think.

The Good thing is that a Single image is Worth a thousand words ;)
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Re: Luxcore vs rest of the world

Post by FarbigeWelt »

Sharlybg wrote: Thu Sep 30, 2021 1:48 pm The trends in CGI in recent years in leanning more Towards approximation by opposition to accuracy.
I do not agree with you. Because this makes not any sense to me. I am convinced humans inherit a deep drive to not only copying nature as perfectly as possible (in every ages back to stone age always with the most advandced technologies available on their time) but have real crave for exceeding what can be found in nature.

Check out this example almost 1/4 century ago. How can one forget the capabilities of the graphic capabilities enabled by the company SGI?
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