LuxCoreRender with FreeCAD - file path of Save Output

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LuxCoreRender with FreeCAD - file path of Save Output

Post by DreiD21 »

Noob here, and I need help! Can someone tell me how to set up the file path/directory of the Save Output for the rendered image?

I'm using LuxCore render v2.5 with FreeCAD. For those unfamiliar, FreeCAD works through what they call "Workbenches". Each Workbench (WB) have specific functionality for 3D CAD and modeling, even drafting. See:

A 3rd Party WB called Render WB can be configured to use any of 6 open source renders, such as LuxCore (see: So far, I've only successfully managed to get 3 of 6 working. Of course LuxCore is one of them. The way this WB works is that when you hit the RENDER button, it launches the Renderer (in this case, LuxCoreUI.exe), and then the Renderer loads a temp file containing the data of the 3D model (including a pre-loaded config of lighting and envrionment made by the Render WB devs) to work on.

Now that I have a render of my models (which will be used for product visualization), I can't seem to find where it saves the image file when I click "Save Output".

A thing should mention is that, LuxCore also closes (crashes?) when I click Save Output, when another 3rd party WB called POV-Ray Rendering WB is uninstalled. And when I try to search for the file name I've designated in LuxCore, I doesn't show up. But when I have that POV-Ray Rendering WB, the image file seems to randomly get saved anywhere on my computer.
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Re: LuxCoreRender with FreeCAD - file path of Save Output

Post by Dade »

Can you run from a console and check/post the output ? LuxCoreUI write a lot of log information, including the name of the files saved.
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