Proposal to improve shading workflow

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Proposal to improve shading workflow

Post by johannes.wilde » Thu Mar 11, 2021 10:19 am

Hi there!

I recently read some things about LuxCore's viewport being too slow. For i can't really complain about the performance, there might still be some headroom with small tweaks (i think they are small, but I'm not into coding :) )

1. What about a shading mode? Like the Eevee-Mode with Cycles. You click that and you get the HDRI's shipping with Blender. If you then isolate ("/" on numnpad) the objects you want to set up the proper shading, there would be a bunch of HDRI's with different light conditions. LuxCore is blazing fast in viewport, when you just have one or a few objects to render.
I often struggle , when isolating objects, then try to shade, bu the environment of the scene is much too bright, because it lights an interior scene.
What do you think?

2. Masking Objects: Selecting an object draws a mask around it, so just this object(s) are rendered, but with the shading of the scene taken into account.



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