glass parameters

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glass parameters

Post by mick » Tue Jun 12, 2018 12:31 pm

Please let me verify my understanding/assumptions on the material and volume parameters:

kt and kr define how much of the light is reflected and how much in transmitted through the irradiated surface. So I expect the two to sum up to 1. (100%) per color channel. But isn't this ratio depending on the angle? So are the values defined for square angle, and adjusting for the actual angle?

absorption is the lost of power of light by traveling through the volume, right? What is the unit? 0.01 mean 1 percent loss per 1.0 distance?

And what is the remaining meaning of transparency then?

What would be realistic values for window glas? kr=0.04, kt=0.96, absorption=0.01 (for 1. is 1cm), transparency=1. ?

Did I miss any documentation about this?


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