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Luxcore online Library Support thread

Post by Sharlybg » Sun Feb 21, 2021 6:41 pm

Hi Everyone !

Recently users are starting to encounter some unexpected behaviour while using the Luxcore online Library.
While most of the issues are related to old Blendluxcore and defacto LOL version you may have issue installing or understanding something.
Anyway I open this thread to organize a bit all LOL users request and questions.
So for Easy problem solving and track feel free to post your comment here :

Before you start :

1__ The new place to download LOL paid assets is :

2__ Make sure to have at least a Blendluxcore 2.5 version for better experience : ... tag/latest

3__ Don't know how to use the addon ? This tutorial may answer your question :
Support LuxCoreRender project with salts and bounties

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