Monkey pavé: animation

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Monkey pavé: animation

Post by joyasrohrbach » Mon Mar 29, 2021 1:13 am

Monkey pavé 4K animation

Modeled with Blender 2.93, rendered with Luxcore 2.4
720 frames, smoke and particles composited on several layers
Composited in Davinci

Music by Jason Shaw

The Monkey is a design originally
created in 2002 for Blender version 2.25
by 3D concept artist Willem-Paul van Overbruggen
(no monkeys were harmed during the making of this video)

Jewellery Design & Render by Damien Rohrbach
I transformed the monkey into a pavé and shiny jewel.
For many people, jewellery is a just very superficial trade.
But by making it, we know that jewellery
is more than meets the eye...
Just as Life.

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