Indoor Ikea Test

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Indoor Ikea Test

Post by rrubberr » Sun Apr 29, 2018 6:43 pm

Here's my attempt at recreating an Ikea ad. I used path OpenCL and Metropolis at about 6 hours of rendering to get this result. There are 350,000 hair particles on the rug and 7 million triangles without the rug.

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Re: Indoor Ikea Test

Post by FiatLux » Mon Apr 30, 2018 8:17 am

If you look at a similar IKEA photo you can notice that almost everything is very sharp and in focus.
IKEA style is somewhat "cahotic" (not really but...) in terms of number of objects.
They tend to put as many products as possible in one single shot
and everyone of their products must be visible.
Your image has a general blur for everything, I have bad time tryin to find something in focus.
Probably a wrong usage of the DOF. Except for obvious cases, in a IKEA photo you can spot DOF only at very long distances
or for example when there is another room in the background.
And it looks poor in terms of number of products for an IKEA style.

Told this there is a huge mistake in your photo: the plant.
First of all based on the leaves, the plant should be a philodendron.
And the philodendron is darker and doesn't have the shape you gave it, philodendron is this one:
I think you've swapped direction of the leaves, petiole could be on the other side.
I would not use planes with alpha map of the leaves textures when your plant is so close, I'd use a 3D model of the plant, the lack of thickness is visible.

PS: I dont know how to resize web linked images, sorry.

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Re: Indoor Ikea Test

Post by Racleborg » Mon Apr 30, 2018 7:39 pm

The scene looks pretty good to me. A lot of hard work has obviously gone into it.

I like the carpet, and all the stuff on the shelves.

Being from a sofa manufacturer myself I have to say that I'm not mad about the sofa design, but that's more to do with the actual design rather than your modelling!

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