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3D-Scanned Dragon Pictures

Posted: Sat Jul 04, 2020 8:04 am
by Theo_Gottwald
This Dragon was a 3D-Scan somewhere from the Net. For example from here. The Original is maybe in a Museum in France.

The point about these 3D-Scans is, that i had to pass this through "Instant Meshes" first before there was a result that can more easily be rendered. If you do not yet have "Instant meshes" get it here free: Instant Meshes - Github

It will remesh too large topologies and also produce optimized meshes if you select it to do so.

So here is the Dragon in the unique Luxrender Metall-Style. As it is remeshed its not exactly the original 3D-Scan.
The Blend-File still has over 140 MB.
@Dade: It would be possible to give you such as Example Scenes here for the Luxrender-Site, however they are very large.
You can just change the materials to show Luxrender effects.