My new Quickbuttons-AddOn now on Blendermarket

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My new Quickbuttons-AddOn now on Blendermarket

Post by Theo_Gottwald » Sat Sep 12, 2020 5:16 pm

Let me say that while it is generally a commercial Produkt, ANY developer or long-time Contributor to Luxrender can mail me and ask for a free Version. I will need your E-Mail then.

Working for quite while with Blender, now I realized that I do often "the same things".
Because Blender is a Multi-Purpose" Tool-Set, i have to go through several "Tabs and Menus" to finally get what i want.
Some things are even Time-Consuming (like "Bullet-Animations").
Another Example.
Lets say you want to Collapse all Collections in the Outliner after loading a project.

There are now 7 Layers with each ~15 Buttons many of them with 2 functions from Rigid-Body, Keyframe-Animation, Outliner-Operations and much more. Once you have it - you can just press a button to do these things. There are videos available showing the AddOn.

Quickbuttons V.5 for Blender
Get Blender-Quickbuttons and configure over 100 Blender-Buttons individual to your needs.
Visit my YouTube-Channel: Theo's Fun Videos and watch several Blender related Videos.
Join @Dreamstime and sell your Renderings to the world.

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