What do you do with your pictures?

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What do you do with your pictures?

Post by Theo_Gottwald » Mon Aug 03, 2020 8:38 pm

I guess there are quite some professional artists here like Sharlybg who are hired by people, architects etc. to render Interiors or advertizement pictures and videos for them.

Besides that there may be some beginners - like me - who often just render for "fun".

Does it mean that your pictures have to be hidden on your harddisk and no one should see them?
I decided to avoid this and put my pictures to sale on stock-sites.
SO i can also see "which of the pictures is sold most".

For example when the Corona-thing started, i uploaded quite some pictures of Viruses in all colours - more then 20 pictures.
I was impressed that mostly the "red coloured" Virus was sold. More then 90%.

My friends thought that the green one could be sold more often.
Dreamstime (see link below) is my favourite because for 0.60$ per picture they will do all the keywordings etc. for you.
So i just uplaod the picture (and the 0.60$ is paid by the account where i have the money from selling previouse pictures).
So no need to search keywords, just upload, let the keymaster do all the stuff.

There are other Agencies who also sell pictures, like
which i can also recommend.

But anywhere outside of Dreamstime, you need to get Keywords for your pictures.
If you decide to go that way then you can use this Site
free service to get some Keywords.
to get the Keywords.

Shutterstock somehow makes fast money especially for good videos you can get $25 per sale.
If you sell 1 Video or 2 Videos per day you can pay your shopping with it.
For this however you need to closely inspect what customers look for.

I do not only upload rendered pictures. Also pictures that i just snapshooted from daily life (like the car crash) can be uplaoded.
Its definitely not about getting "rich quick".
This is just so people can see your pictures and even pay some money for them.
As said - selling good videos can be interesting depending if you hit the bulls eye or not.
Because 25$ per sold video - that accumulates and gives a nice pocket-money.
The picture selling is more just for fun.

Here you can see the last pictures I sold these days. Remarkable is that i sold average 1 (mostly the red) Virus per day during the Corona-Crisis.
Now that has stopped. So i think the Corona-Thing is over.
2020-08-03 21_43_01-Stock Fotos_ Hochauflösende Stockfotografie Und Lizenzfreie Bilder Herunterladen.png
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