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Render Engine Comparison

Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2020 1:21 pm
by Theo_Gottwald
Just found it on YouTube. Can't tell if its realistic.

This is a render engine comparison of Eevee, Cycles, Radeon Prorender and Luxcore head to head in rendering volumetric lighting. I wanted to focus on sample count and lighting to get the scene dramatic yet focused on an object. To me, the all around winner is Cycles, which surprised me, and I think the engine really shines even though it is a couple minutes longer than Prorender.

The Eevee engine animation render unfortunately, due to the compression from YouTube, looks like garbage especially if you don't view it on a phone or in the highest quality possible.

I tried for 512 samples on each engine but Eevee kind of freaked out on me when setting the samples that high. The volumetric samples were more realistic around 64 samples but the 32 I used showcases more or less what I think is passable for this engine- as it is, I think Eevee is generally in a field of it's own with these comparisons as it is a raster engine vs the other raytracing engines. The best way to compare Eevee is speed over accuracy.

Luxcore is super grainy and also takes a long time to render these volumetics (although the materials I think look the best). I tried both Luxcore denoisers and they both looked bad and the denoise comp node I usually cheat with wasn't working either. The internet seems scant with info on how to optimize this engine for volumetrics so your guess is as good as mine.

The basic shape compositions I have used just wasn't cutting the overall look I was going for and I didn't have time to really create the kind of environment and central object I wanted which was a romanesque sculpture in ruins. I found some amazing 3D scans available from Global Digital Heritage (link below). PBR textures on the environment were from texture haven.