Few words about Radeon ProRender Pro's and Con's

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Few words about Radeon ProRender Pro's and Con's

Post by Theo_Gottwald » Sat Jun 27, 2020 5:51 am

I have yesterday updated to the newest Blender version and at that chance also installed the RadeonPro Render.

So here is what i like and what not. For test-rendering i just rendered a C60-Atom from the PDB-Database.
It's free for download here and works with any Graphics card.

Now the Likes:
3. Tiled-Rendering: BIG-LIKE: ALL Render Devices, CPU and GPU's can be selected and will then render in the same TILE.
The advantage is that you do not have the situation, that the GPU is already done, and the CPU's try hard to get each their tiles done.
At this point you can see that the concept is well thought from the developers.

4. BIG-LIKE: A complete, User friendly Material Library is already included. Each Material already comes with a pre-Rendered Preview.
This is very user-friendly for beginners. I like the idea. (See Picture)

5. The "Shaded Render" in the Preview Mode looks sometimes better then the Final Render mode. But i t seems to be only usable in the viewport. There seem to be no "Worbench Render Mode". Its similar in Blender sometimes when Evee looks better then Cycles.

6. Works with my NVIDIA Graphicscards no problems.

7. PLUS: Is very responsive at any time at high resolution Output. The Render window can anytime be resized, or zoomed.
Which is currently not the case with Luxcore-Render.

No the Dis-Likes:
1. For larger resolutions like 9000x9000 i must choose "Tiled Rendering" otherwise it will immediately kill and exit Blender.
The same happens if I set "Render Quality" to Medium.
2020-06-27 07_29_28-Blender_ [F__00_S-DB_01_Blender_02_Scenes_C60_RAdon Pro Render FIles_DT3.blend].png
2020-06-27 07_50_25-Blender.png
More InDetail Infos on RPR
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Re: Few words about Radeon ProRender Pro's and Con's

Post by Snowcarver » Mon Jun 29, 2020 11:04 am

This one is soooo slow in interiors.. Not for me.

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