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by wanilson
Thu Oct 15, 2020 3:18 pm
Forum: Finished Work
Topic: Caustics Corridor
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Re: Caustics Corridor

Amazing, picutre, Byob!!

Beautiful image, with a creative use of caustics.
The balance between colors is very interesting and hamonious.

B.Y.O.B. wrote:
Fri Oct 09, 2020 3:55 pm
Heavily utilizing the caustics cache for half of the lighting.
by wanilson
Mon Jul 13, 2020 7:36 pm
Forum: Finished Work
Topic: Sea dragon
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Re: Sea dragon

Very cool picture!

Nicely done: colorful and creative.
I hope to see more of that. ;)

Good job!
by wanilson
Tue Jul 07, 2020 4:41 pm
Forum: Works in Progress
Topic: Timber Frame House - WIP
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Re: Timber Frame House - WIP


Awesome work, Taka!
Those images are absolutely photorealistic. Excellent job!
Very good illumination, textures and trees. ;)
Are you using an HDR image for illumination?

Congratulations :!:
by wanilson
Mon Sep 23, 2019 12:31 pm
Forum: Finished Work
Topic: LuxCoreRender Wallpaper
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Re: LuxCoreRender Wallpaper

It is a REALLY beautiful image, BYOB. Clean and inspiring.
Well done! ;)

I just would like to know why are there so many tons of purple in it. They are not there in the previous versions.