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Post by nigec » Fri May 10, 2019 8:47 am

Is it possible to stop the Filesaver giving textures a generic name? My vision was some sort of IDE but 100's of imagemap-0000X.png's seems like over kill, any 4 or 5 textures could be part of a single material, times that by 50+ materials. there is no way of knowing what is a diffuse image or normal map without opening it or the images in a set
I can see filesaver was probably for batch rendering but in the bigger picture for me is its not right, my OCD is really struggling with the messing with textures :oops:

One project 220 textures
My idea was a IDE for Sketchup were I could adjust things without exporting again, but texture names with structure ending up something else isn't going to wash with SU users.. none of the other plugins do this

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