luxcore ui framebuffer controls

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luxcore ui framebuffer controls

Post by lacilaci » Tue Feb 19, 2019 6:07 am

compared to blender, luxcore doesn't have postprocessing tonemapping and image controls to be able to directly output something like 8bit jpeg with filmic curve applied.

So we currently have to rely on the quality of blender's "color science" or export exr from luxcore ui for another postprocessing app.

All modern renderers allow for good image controls (curves, LUT profiles loading, contrast, shoulder, higlight clamping etc..)
in their own framebuffers (corona, vray, octane, fstorm...)

Blenders controls are not bad, but if there are more plugins than just blender in the future, you wouldn't be able to get the same output from luxcore unless again you use 32bit outout for further processing.

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