Shading & Energy conservation

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Shading & Energy conservation

Post by Sharlybg » Mon Nov 05, 2018 10:07 pm

It's make time since i want to talk about a particular feature some renderer seem to have recently. It's about better shading model implemetation that provide More realism and faster render (as theses shader tend to converge quicker).

here you can see Clarisse Fx model : ... e-ifx-4-0/
Multiple scattering improves rendering of matte surfaces
New shading features in Clarisse iFX 4.0 include multiple scattering for reflected and transmitted light.

The software’s previous single scattering model minimised computation times, but caused surfaces to darken unrealistically as their roughness values increased.

The new implementation (shown above) approximates true multiple scattering – “while [it isn’t] strictly Lambertian diffuse reflection, it’s very close” – and is fully energy-conserving.

According to Isotropix, it has no impact on render time, and will be enabled by default.

Also Corona and Vray seem to have something like that : ... unced.html
New material energy conservation mode (closer to Mental Ray and V-Ray models)

Don't remenber but seem that FSTORM is doing something very simillar (in the past they say to have a special shader moder that converge faster with better energy conservation).

What do you think ? is it something feasable ?
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