Fireflies and median filter

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Fireflies and median filter

Post by rickyx » Mon Sep 09, 2019 9:32 pm

during work, in some renderings, fireflies appear. There is not always time to debug the scene to find out which parameters are wrong.
In my studio, as a last resort, we use the median filter: we created it, in the compositor, especially for the fireflies ( in fact the values valid for the radius are only 1 and -1 as fireflies are 99% of the cases a single pixel).

I know that, speaking of unbiased rendering, it is not an elegant solution:
however, sometimes it solves the problem without affecting too much the final quality of the image.
The result is variable depending on the type of image (but often has better results than the median filter of Photoshop) and quite reliable during animations.

The shared version is a basic implementation, if someone wants to improve it is welcome!
Ricky and Brixel

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