First Renders with different Engines

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First Renders with different Engines

Post by Theo_Gottwald » Sat Apr 25, 2020 3:03 pm

So with the help of the forum here i got it running.
Let me therefore share some experiences with you.

My CPU is an Intel 24 Core CPU and I can use 2xGTX 1080.
Let me say that in my Tests here with Luxrender the 24 Core CPU seems to beat the 2xGTX 1080 in Rendertimes.
Of course we will see that using Open CL with CPU and GPU, the highest speed is reached.

So this is the final DENOISED Picture. It took 14:41 Minutes to render
with 50K Samples per Pixel and Denoiser.
50K_OCL und CPU_BIDIR_Metr_14-41 DN.png
Here it is before Denoising.
50K_OCL und CPU_BIDIR_Metr_14-41.png
Now the following versions have been done with "just" 10K Samples per Pixel and no denoising.
This one was rendered in 11:14 with the CPU, BiDir and Metropolis
This one was rendered in 11:36 with the CPU, BiDir and Sobol.
This one was rendered using the CPU only, Path Tracing and Sobol in 5:40 Min
CPU_Sobol_5-40 PT.png
The 2xGTX 1080 were not so fast, it used 6:30 to render OCL-Sobol.
And this one was rendered in 3:07 Min using OCL, GPU+CPU, Sobol.
OCL und CPU_Sobol_3-07 PT.png
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