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CO2 laser!

Posted: Sat Aug 17, 2019 12:16 pm
by xlxs
A while ago, I tried recreating a CO2 laser. The laser beam is created from 479 laser lights that are inside the CO2 volume. Yes 479 (+ 1 regular plane emitter, just for some more ambient light) are a lot of lights. I did this cuz I thought it would make the tube glow kinda like a real CO2 laser, which I think it did! Maybe, next time I think I should just fake it, or use a sane number of lights :lol: or focus at the table material a little bit more :lol: . All the used lights and the huge number of light bounces (I think I used 16+128), the weird x2 glass tubes (outer tube for water and inner for co2) that I used, only increases render time (the same result could be achieved with less lights and bounces I think). It is just a wip and I plan to revist it (probably when 2.8 luxblend is out and when I find some time).