M4 Carbine Revisited

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M4 Carbine Revisited

Post by Lights_and_Shadows » Mon Apr 22, 2019 4:57 pm

Hey folks :)

I'm setting up a new long-term project that I'll officially start working on full time once my current college semester is done (approx. two weeks time). It's a re-imagining of one of my old LuxRender threads I set up a couple of years back, but with a new toolset I've picked up from one of my classes. I'm hoping to not just model and apply materials this time, but do a proper PBR texturing + possibly animate it and throw it into a game engine (that aspect will be put in Off-Topic when I get there). I do want to make some LuxCore-based animations with it too, as taxing as it will be.

This all sparked when I stumbled upon the fact that CG Cookie has released their M4 tutorial on Youtube, at long last, for free. I'm following it for this project for only the modeling aspect, the rest I'm doing on my own.

Current progress:
As I've said, progress at first will be slow because final projects / exams are on the horizon, and I'm prioritizing those. Once everything is done I'll get cranking on this.
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