Rendering with multiple Instances of Blender also rendering multiple at the same time using virtual Desktops

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Rendering with multiple Instances of Blender also rendering multiple at the same time using virtual Desktops

Post by Theo_Gottwald » Fri Jun 26, 2020 6:23 am

(Windows only Issue) In the past i had a lot of trouble running multiple instances of Blender, especially when they all had been rendering.
Now i found that when each instance of Blender has its very own "Desktop", the situation is much more stable.
If you want to try it, you can use:
Sysinternals Desktops v2.

Download it, it does not need an installation and it totally free. You get up to 4 desktops.

Must say that I have an own tool that is bundled with the Smart-Package-Robot
which has much more functionality (timed switch, unlimited desktops, named desktops, close desktops, "Run on desktop" etc.).
See picture below.

However for using Blender the Sysinternals tool is sufficient. Here is a tip for convenience: Put a Blender Icon on your desktop before you switch to the "Private Desktop". Then you can start Blender from that Icon.

Using "private desktops" I can render with 3 versions of Blender at the same time without the stability issues that i had before.

You might say "But there are virtual Desktops in Windows 10 already".
Let me tell you that these are just FAKE-Desktops. Useless FAKE. No process-Isolation.

The difference between these "Win10-Fake Desktops" and real desktops you can read here:
Windows 10 Fake virtual Desktops vs. Sysinternal Desktops v.2

So if you had the same issues like me using multiple versions of Blender at the same time, give it a try.

Generally since I am using "Stardocks Fences" on my desktop, i had multiple issues.
- some old programs do not appear, and
- on refreshes i get all the running minimzed Programs (including blender) threwn on the desktop, had to minimize them again.
Now that i use real desktops for this all, the problem is also solved.

Added: After using now for a longer while i can say that rendering on real desktops is a big improvement. Each project its own Desktop.
Additional hint: Rendering in the Blender Main Window instead of a new "Render Window" seems to be more stable additionally.
Maybe because it uses less graphical resouces.
Also rendering in TILED Mode with Luxrender (while possibly slower and does not do caustics) seems to be much more stable.
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