Watch out before you buy "cheap used Graphics cards" on AMAZON

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Watch out before you buy "cheap used Graphics cards" on AMAZON

Post by Theo_Gottwald » Tue Jun 23, 2020 10:20 am

I am talking here from the german AMAZON, don't know if this is in other AMAZON versions also a problem.

Meanwhile often, since month you see cheap "Used RTX-Graphics cards" for typically 520 EURO including the 19% Merkel-Tax.
So if you order them via AMAZON you will get nothing, the order will just be deleted after some days.

If you click on the seller there will be a warning that you should first contact the seller with his e-mail before you order.
If you do so, the seller will write you that you should not buy via AMAZON but send him the money directly.

Doing so will not bring you the cheap card instead your money will be lost.
The AMAZON customer service here is very slow and does not react even if you tell them about this stuff.

So here is the important point. To have the full AMAZON warranty, always buy through AMAZON,
never pay directly to any "seller".

These "seller-accounts" often have 100% customer satisfaction but these are hacked accounts!
The sellers have clicked something in Scam-Mails and lost their Account credentials to these people who now use the account badly.

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